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TFW you're doing research on the cannabis/CBD industry and you end up with a shopping list for 'treat yo'self' days.


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Why we dig it

We were drawn in by the colors and stayed for their website experience and messaging. Recess embraces an elevated form of playfulness and we're here for it!


Why we dig it

Self-care rituals get us through our week. Not only do these scents speak to our soul, who can say no to a beautiful bonus box to help organize other parts of our lives? The packaging and care Floramye put into their products is a testament to why they're one of Oprah's favorite things.


Why we dig it

When we saw Melissa Jochim's presentation at LMCC, we were instantly smitten with her commitment to using only using natural, beneficial ingredients in her line of skin care. We also appreciate her team leaned into using millennial pink and green.


Why we dig it

Recipe books are inherently full of knowledge and education. We love that this book was written for the novice cook exploring a new ingredient in a variety of dishes from savory apps to sweet desserts ... and how to make sure the overall flavor isn't compromised.


Why we dig it

Stiff neck from getting out of bed wrong? Sore muscles after leg day? We love that this balm is the solution to our aches and pains of every day living.

Herbo Hemp Infused Menthol Balm

Why we dig it

We did not expect to talk menstruation at MJBizCon this year, but when we met Lanna Last of Aima we were thrilled to go deep on the topic and gush over her product, branding and upcoming launch. To all our ladies suffering from period pain, this one's for you.

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