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EIR Nurse Illustration

Ally founded EIR Club to create an inclusive community for women seeking to improve their lives through cannabis experiences. EIR provides women with a safe space to learn about cannabis and receive personalized herbal plans tailored to any body or mind. Because EIR is newly formed but soon to grow rapidly, Ally needed a site that served as a brand foundation and platform for years of business expansion to come.


Website Design

Case Study

EIR Home Page Header



Because EIR is new to the market, our goal was to build credibility and get sign ups. We presented EIR’s story with a consistent, trustworthy website navigation experience, while also maintaining a sense of joy, freedom, and expression. 

Ally provided us with a full scope of customer needs and a list of key services the site needed to provide. We were able to formulate her research into the ideal user experience for her target customers.

EIR Collage Graphic

EIR came to us with a defined look and feel that we needed to both uphold and expand upon. Based on an existing color palette, logo series, and brand aura, we created a new system of graphics, icons, and illustrations to be utilized across the site.

EIR Shop By Graphic



In order to for users to be sure of EIR’s credibility, we designed an interactive module to get to know each team member. With simple, yet refined, hover states the user can easily learn more about the team and even schedule an appointment.

EIR About Page
EIR Illustrations

Diversity and inclusion are essential to EIR’s mission, so we were sure to create illustrations that represented a wide range of women.


The stylistic features of the women allow for key differences in body shape, skin color, hair type, and gender expression while still upholding brand standards such as tone and color palette.

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