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Grief is complicated and confusing, and end-of-life plans often overwhelm. After losing her father-in-law in 2016, Vanessa became keenly aware of the emotional weight one bears  grieving a loved one while getting their affairs in order. 

As she reflected on that time in her family's lives, she realized there wasn't a company or service that could have helped them with the logistics or plans they didn't know they had to think of—and that's when a lightbulb went on.

background-texture-made-green-eucalyptus-leaves-with-raindrop-dew-flat-lay-top-view Large.

Throughout the design process, we use a word cloud of key emotions and associations to check all work against to ensure we stayed on strategy. At the top of the list were: professional, credible, respectful and supportive.

We also kept in mind the overarching brand would be speaking to three different audiences: bereaved clients (potentially viewing the content in a heightened emotional state), employers utilizing Banister's services for their bereaved employees, and potential business partners.


Light sea glass green was paired with low contrast blues for their ability to represent professionalism and trust as well as peacefulness and sincerity. A pale yellow was incorporated as an accent color to symbolize remembrance and clarity.

Font selection followed the same thinking. A thin, elegant serif was chosen for its sense of professionalism and nonthreatening nature. A no-fuss sans serif was chosen to for its approachability and readability when under stress.

Because Banister's work is personalized for each client, the use of stock photography did not feel genuine to incorporate. Instead, we focused on capturing authentic moments at the Stimson-Green mansion, where Banister is headquartered.

Banister Advisors Logo
Banister Fonts

Sea Glass




Rising Sun

Icon Health Concern

During a Health Concern

Full spectrum navigation for all ages – from perinatal, to pediatric, and geriatric, spanning physical and mental health concerns.

Banister Advisors icon design by Huck Yeah Studio

Late in Life Transitions

Strategic planning for complex elder care scenarios.

Banister Advisors icon design by Huck Yeah Studio

End of Life

Wrap-around support for hospice scenarios and personalized bereavement care after a loss.

Banister Advisors icon design by Huck Yeah Studio

Closing an Estate

Estate processing and transition project management.

Icon What's Ahead

Managing What's Ahead

Stabilizing support to address critical safety and wellbeing.

Banister Advisors Letterhead
Design Annual 2021 Silver Award
Banister Lettehead
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